We deliver. Goods and solutions.
We are a team of logistics professionals based in Auckland, New Zealand. We provide third party logistics (3PL or contract warehousing and distribution), freight forwarding and customs clearance. Our Warehouse Management System is specially developed for 3PL operations.
We pick, pack and dispatch over 40,000 units of stock per day, from our modern 15,000 m2 facilities. Each order complies with strictly measured KPIs, using sophisticated in-house systems. See our demonstration page.
We offer you a first-class global logistics service. Our network of reliable forwarders from around the world works to meet your needs. Our professional Customs brokers ensure pre-clearance.
Trackstock, our Warehouse Management System (WMS), was first developed in 1996. It provides RF capability for scans and inventory location. We do not charge our clients for systems integration work.