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20 Verissimo Drive, Mangere, Auckland
info@dsl.co.nz Tel (+64 9) 255 0266
We pick, pack and dispatch over 40,000 units of stock per day, from our modern warehouse facilities with an area of over 15,000 m2. We are a well-established company and experienced providers of 3PL (third party logistics) services, from modern secure premises near Auckland airport.
We operate equipment designed to ensure that garments reach stores in top condition, ready for sale. We offer a national garment-on-hanger distribution service.

Our Internet tracking systems provide the ability to track individual SKUs from origin to final delivery to store.

Our unique IT systems are sophisticated and sold to 3PL operators internationally. They were developed in-house by operators over a period of twenty years. We modify them for each client, so clients do not need to modify their systems. We do not charge clients for our end of the integration costs – it is what we do.

We are neutral on the selection of couriers and make our bulk rates available to clients with no hidden mark-ups.

Each order complies with strictly measured KPIs, using sophisticated systems developed and maintained in-house. The KPIs are reported live in our tracking website, for any selected period, as per the example below. To access that page with live data, select TRACKING / DEMONSTRATION from the menu bar.

Aaron Hobbs
(+649) 255 2576